There is no particular theme to this blog, except that it is a place for me to share interesting quips and hopefully be entertaining at the same time.

I also post my art work and poetry on here.

Feel free to look around and comment. Please note that the comments are moderated. If you post a comment and some random foreign language comes up: fear not! That random foreign language is just saying that your comment is awaiting moderation.

About Me

I like writing poetry about feeling robots and beautiful bacteria.

I absolutely love nature documentaries, but only if David Attenborough narrates them. Seriously, David Attenborough is the greatest person in the world. His voice can make you feel all calm and happy inside.

There are three places I would love to travel to: Mongolia, Borneo and Svalbard.

Oh, and I'm a 21 year old neurotic female. I live in the middle of nowhere, in a land no one has ever heard of (sounds exotic, but is not).