Links Ahoy! (18)

A fresh batch of links to slurry your weekend.

Haiku Juice

I am not a big fan of haikus, but this blog might come close to changing my mind. These are some really lovely poems, which made me (finally) appreciate what a lovely art form haikus can be.


Filmmaker Willie Witte made this short film Screengrab, without any use of special effects. You can sense the copious use of photocopies, but it still makes my mind spin whenever I watch it. Brilliant, trippy work.

The Man Who Was Swallowed by a Hippo

What is it like being in the mouth of a bull hippo? You can ask Paul Templer, who was attacked by one when working as a tourist guide in the Zambezi river:

I was aware that my legs were surrounded by water, but my top half was almost dry. I seemed to be trapped in something slimy. There was a terrible, sulphurous smell, like rotten eggs, and a tremendous pressure against my chest. My arms were trapped but I managed to free one hand and felt around – my palm passed through the wiry bristles of the hippo's snout. It was only then that I realised I was underwater, trapped up to my waist in his mouth.

So like Jonah, but a million times worse because hippos are crazy bastards. Miraculously, Templer survived, although his friend Evans wasn't so lucky.

Internet Cable Map

We tend to think of the internet as a lovely blob of information floating around us at all times. It seems new age and magical, a far cry from the clunkiness of yesteryear technologies like the telephone.

But looking at the way the globe is wired up to accommodate for the internet makes you realise that, fundamentally, the internet is just as archaic as the telegraph or telephone.

Internet cables running across the Atlantic Ocean.

This nifty app shows you all the major internet cables that run for thousands of miles under the ocean. You can click on each cable to highlight it's path, and for more information on where its landing points are.

What I Learned the Day a Dying Whale Spared My Life

Activist Paul Watson's beautiful piece on the remarkable day in 1975, when he set out on a mission to save a group of sperm whales from a Soviet whaling ship.. Regardless of your views on whaling and environmental activism, this is a poignant and powerful bit of non-fiction storytelling.

What is the Shortest Poem?

So is there a world's shortest poem? Not as pointless a question as you might think, especially since you end up with some beautiful poetry.

Where Have All the Wildlings Gone

A beautiful and fun graphic tribute to the Game of Thrones television series.

screenshot from Where Have All the Wildlings Gone

screenshot from Where Have All the Wildlings Gone

Simple graphic drawings and color codes illustrate which house each character belongs to, and what was their ultimate fate (as of the end of season 3). There is also an impressive illustrated timeline, showcasing the major events that have taken place in the universe.

WARNING: contains spoilers on which characters are dead.

Enduring Sharedom

The revelation that the NSA has been subjecting the public to mass surveillance has rightly shocked many people. But what doesn't seem to shock us anymore is the constant need to "share" our lives on social media sites, and how companies who run these sites then broadcast our innermost selves to advertisers for profit.

A brief essay on why we don't question this corporate surveillance anymore, and the culture of online sharing.


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