Earth in Images

Fantastic and surrealist images of Earth taken via satellites. Click on each image to view larger, and click on the link under each image for more information.

False-colour image of the Mississippi River Delta, USGS/ESA

It's odd to see Earth from such a different perspective. Who knew that our everyday experiences of Earth's topography could be so familiar and alien at the same time.

Great deserts emerge like lines carved into sandstone; blooms of plankton look like parts of a Gogh painting; and rivers become neurons, the electric signals composed of mud deposits. Glaciers swallow land as if a devastating fungi on the surface of a leaf, and a great eye stares out at you in the middle of barren sand.

The sand seas of the Namib Desert, KARI/ESA

The Okavango River, KARI/ESA 

The Palouse region (Northwest United States), KARI/ESA

Tibesti Mountains, Chad, surrounded by sands of the Sahara, ESA

State of Utah, United States, ESA

A phytoplankton bloom in the South Atlantic Ocean, ESA

Amadeus Basin, Australia, USGS

Mauritania lava crater, ESA/NASA

The icy waters of the Baltic Sea surrounding Rugen island, Germany, JAXA/ESA

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, KARI

All images are via the European Space Agency website.

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