Add a Smiley to It: Part 2

I wrote a post before, in which I showed the sinister effects that smileys have on written communication. You can write the most insulting, demented things, but as soon as you add a smiley at the end of a message, it renders it as being completely harmless and cute.

The focus of the last post was insulting others and deadening the effect by adding a smiley. The focus of this one is writing completely psychotic statuses on Facebook, and getting away with it because of a simple smiley. Here are some examples to help illustrate my point (I had to work very hard to make sure that I don't accidentally post any of these on my news feed).


  1. The smiley face is fine, but nobody uses this face anymore:


    Probably because it takes up far too much room on Twitter.

  2. Evidently, I used to be able to do that with real life interactions back when I used to sub. Some of my students used to tell me that the thing they liked best about me was that I could insult someone right to his/her face, and s/he never knew s/he was being insulted.