Woo Hoo, New Domain

I finally bought my own custom domain. I've been thinking of doing it for months, but I was tweaking my blog layout, and I didn't want to make the switch until I was completely finished.

My old domain was flippy-doodle.blogspot.com and the new one is flippydoodle.com. There is an automatic redirect from the old one to the new one, and I've changed the feed address, so everything should be running smoothly. This shouldn't affect your email subscriptions to this blog, and you should continue receiving feed updates in your reader, as usual (without making any changes).

If you are having any problems accessing this blog, or something is not working properly, please let me know via Twitter, or email. I will greatly appreciate it and fix it ASAP.


  1. It showed up in my blogger feed!

    1. Thank god, I was so worried the feeds got screwed up. Thanks! :D

  2. It works it works! Congrats on your new domain shananananan :D

  3. Everything's working well (I have you bookmarked under the blogspot address, and it redirected here), and while I didn't get to check it at the time, it showed up in my blog feed as well. Congrats on the domain! Flippydoodle.com has such a great ring to it.

  4. NICE! one day i will get one for myself too!