Please do not make me vacuum over cat piss again

Every one hates cleaning their house (except my Dad, who somehow takes an unnatural amount of joy out of  sweeping and mopping). So imagine an existence consisting of nothing but cleaning. Such is the doleful existence of the Roomba. If there is any robot that you should be worried about becoming self-aware and rising up against the humans, it should be the Roomba, because:
(a) there are millions of them across households
(b) us humans give them nothing to do but slave away on carpets all day.

Anyways, a Roomba became self-aware, and writes all it's depressing rants on it's very own Twitter account. It's a bit like Marvin the depressed robot from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but with more drudgery. Here are a few well-chosen snippets from bitter existence of the Roomba so far:


  1. Maybe that Roomba would be happier if he had some music in his life, like DJ Roomba.


  2. Hhahahhaha wtf that's hilarious, didn't know they had a twitter for this roomba.

    Uhh same case with my dad, i think one of his hobbies is to actually clean. I hate to admit but i think i take it from him, i somehow like cleaning too...just because i can't stand a mess.

  3. I wish my father liked to clean.