Lovely poetry for the Facebook profile of a deceased person

I wrote
your eulogy
on your
dead Facebook profile.

On your wall:
"You will be missed greatly,
I looked through all your links,
The habitats you lived through online,
I loved you so,
Your trips abroad,
And the silly messages,
The midnight status updates.
I am sorry for the loss your family suffers,
I wish them all the best,
I am here for them,
Your Facebook profile."

As if you could read it now,
even if you were alive,
among the hundreds of other messages
cluttered in
pretense sympathy.

I am not a bastard.
People do feel shocked
and sorry.

But on a Facebook eulogy
who can differentiate
a sister
from an acquaintance
you met once
in a drunken party?


  1. I am tempted to post a message that I am dead in my facebook now.

    Sister wouldnt watch my facebook whereas drunken acquaintance would stalk for a while

    1. Ahaha, that would scare people to death! A funny prank, but then people will be like: "did her ghost post this status update...?"

  2. This reminds me of those silly messages Facebook likes to leave on the side of the screen every once in a while. "You haven't said hello to (name) in a while, go to their wall and say hi!"

    It said that a while back for an acquaintance that's been dead for a while. I didn't feel like obliging the Zuck, and even if it was unintentional, it somehow seemed a little tasteless.

    1. Oh yes, I remember those messages too! I don't get them anymore, because I removed everyone I don't talk to in real life. Which left me with a grand total of 40 people, ahaha.