Links Ahoy! (7)

Links Ahoy! is here, with yummy links to pretty magazine covers, photograph archives, etc.

But first, PENGUIN CHICKS! (Or more specifically, Emperor Penguin chicks)

Aaaah, so cute. Penguins are so adorable, my favourite little flightless birds. Look at those fat little bastards, I just want to cuddle them :)

Did you know that the Emperor Penguins are not very shy approaching humans. When the first explorers went to the Antarctic, penguins usually approached them with curiosity and did not show any fear of the humans.

They come up to 2 meters close, and then usually stay at that distance. This is because Emperor Penguins do not have any land-based predators, only water-based ones (such as the Leopard Seal), hence they are not used to being wary of any animals on land. Only migratory birds arrive at the Antarctic during summer, and they do not interact much with the penguins.

Okay, now back to links.


Simplicissimus was a satirical German weekly magazine started by Albert Langen in April 1896 and published through 1967, with a hiatus from 1944-1954.

I don't know how to read German, but I love all the artsy covers for each cover. At this link, you can find the entire archive of all Simplicissimus issues. Use Google Translate to translate the page, to make navigation easier.


Littérature was a literary magazine edited by André Breton (godfather of the Surrealist movement), Philippe Soupault, and Louis Aragon. It ran from 1919 till 1921 and then from 1922 to 1924.

Here you can find all the issues of the magazine in order. Although, it is in French. I know SOME French, but I suck at it so badly that it's not even funny =__='

I am a huge fan of the surrealist movement, and there are some lovely articles in here, as I have read translations of some of them. But I'm linking to this mainly for the lovely main covers (drawn by Breton), found under the "New Series" sections, since the earlier run did not have any covers.

365 Days of Danboard

I'm sure you have come across Amazon's Danboard cardboard-robot before. Arielle Nadel photographed this little toy for 365 days, and the results are so adorable.

The Burns Archive

Exclusively compiled for Newsweek, these are photographs by Dr. Stanley B. Burns, an ophthalmologist, who made an incredible collection of photographs during his lifetime.

His collection includes pictures of freed slaves, a Nazi fighter pilot, Japanese geisha, and victims of the infamous Tuskegee experiments.

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